Ryan Gosling's Post-Baby Body Is Looking Hotter Than Ever

You won't believe your eyes.

Holy. Crap.

Did you think Snooki or even Beyoncé's first post-baby pics were flawless? Well, wait till you see Ryan Gosling's.

Mere weeks after celebrating the birth of his first child, daughter Esmerelda Amada Gosling, Gosling stunned the world with his post-baby body when he returned to work on his latest film, the '70s noir flick "Nice Guys."

"Friday was the first day on set, it went 12-plus hours," a source told E!. "They shot during the day and at night. Ryan was in good spirits, but seemed tired."

Well, all the Mommy Bloggers out there can say what they want about Gosling's rapid return to hottie form, but we're just so happy to see the new parent in good spirits so quickly after the birth of his first child. Hey girl, good work: