The Ultimate Halloween Party Music Video Playlist

A collection of spooky yet catchy music videos to play at your Halloween party.

When you're a kid, Halloween is a dynamic affair: the novelty candy, the trick or treating, the scares, the pranks, the goofy costumes. For adults, Halloween comes down to one thing, whether or not you even decide to dress up, and that thing is: turning up.

Of course, the key to any party is the playlist, but how are you supposed to throw a turnup function when wackness like "Monster Mash" is playing? Well, now that everyone has some sort of video streaming service connected to their TV, you can finally ditch the kitschy holiday songs and instead deliver your patrons a beast of a Halloween music video playlist featuring demon children, creeps stalking in the night, grimy city underbellies, cemeteries, haunted houses, murders, cosplay, and zombies.

To get things started, we've compiled spooky music videos in one easy playlist that will keep the Halloween vibes going long after your friends have had enough Straw-Ber-Ritas to forget why they're even wearing costumes. Strobe light sold separately.