7 Innocents Who Accidentally Got High

In honor of Lauren's fall from grace on 'Faking It,' here are some other characters who got duped into taking drugs.

Your mother always told you to never take candy from strangers, but did she also remind you to keep your paws off of your friends' unmarked brownies?

On tonight's "Faking It" episode, straight-laced Lauren, who'd usually saw off her hand before grabbing a drink, begrudgingly trudged along to an underground dance party with Amy and Shane out of fear that another night in with the TV would make her pathetic. Predictably, she wound up having a miserable time -- that is, until she accidentally took Shane's "aspirin" for her bass-induced headache. In an instant, everything changed.

Lauren, who'd arrived looking like Hillary Clinton, suddenly bore resemblance to a background dancer straight from MTV's Beach House. And once she realized that she'd actually taken a party drug, she popped in a pacifier, locked herself in the closet and let a sea of blazers and overcoats swallow her whole.

Lauren's freakout was certainly memorable, but she's not the first to pull the ol' accidentally-took-my-friend's-drugs stunt. Look back at seven others who've experienced some equally memorable nights.

1. Shoshanna, "Girls"

The usually frantic Shoshanna tried to relax at a warehouse party by smoking some pot while in line for the bathroom. It wasn't until she stumbled into her cousin Jessa, though, that she realized she'd actually toted some incredibly powerful crack. Fittingly, the rest of the night was deemed a "craccident."

2. Josie, "Never Been Kissed"

Thinking nothing of it, the naive newspaper reporter gratefully accepted a slice of cake from some gentlemen at a club. Bad move. Soon, Josie was out of her mind, performed her very own version of "Soul Train" and wound up downing an entire dessert once she got home.

3. Martin, "Frasier"

Usually content laying on his Barcalounger, Frasier's father became the life of the party once he accidentally scarfed down a hash brownie. Good thing his sons were both therapists...

4. Carlton, "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

There's Carlton dancing, then there's Carlton dancing while on speed. He thought he was taking a few Vitamin E. Lo and behold...

5. Jake, "Awkward"

While Jenna was being praised for her wit and charm, Jake, who'd mistakenly gotten high with a treat at Angelique's, decided to lay low in the corner with a mask. That is, until he accidentally came crashing down on the host's glass coffee table...

6. Lissa, "Awkward"

The good Christian girl grew a pair of devil horns when she mistakenly swallowed one of Theo and Cole's Valentine's Day-themed drugs and made a spectacle of herself at the Palos Hills High School V-Day dance.

7. Ron, "Harry Potter and the "Half-Blood Prince"

So you've accidentally eaten a bunch of love potion-filled novelty chocolates? We've all been there.