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Justin Bieber Briefly Teased His Photoshoot With Karl Lagerfeld

Do you remember earlier this month when Justin Bieber teased that he was working with Karl Lagerfeld and we/the rest of the world were like, "Um, what??????" Well, JB just posted and then quickly deleted one of the photos and, um, all we can say is, there's a very open terrycloth robe. His abs are finally getting their moment in the spotlight, thankfully. No more hiding those things for Justin Bieber, no siree.


While Bieber's original Instagram post has been deleted, its spirit lives on in the form of...the exact same photo because, Justin, once you put something on the internet, your 56M+ Belieber followers are gonna screenshot it. Also, though you deleted the image, the tweet still exists—we still don't know why you're working with Karl, but we know photos are forthcoming. How long are we gonna have to wait for these bad boys?!?

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Now that we've had a taste, JB, we need more—do us a solid and repost plus more soon, OK?

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