Disney Princesses As The 'American Horror Story' Cast Will Make You Freak

Someday my Murder Clown will come...

We've seen Disney princesses transformed into everything from zombies to a pile of literal rocks, but never have they been as pop-culture relevant as they are right now, as the stars of FX's mega-hit "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

Instagram user-slash-artist iamdizzco shared his wonderful, freaky creation with MTV News, transforming everyone from Snow White to Queen Elsa into the stars of TV horror's biggest show. Let's just be glad he didn't ruin Disney flicks forever by turning Belle into Twisty, am I right?

Snow White as Bette and Dot

Jane from "Tarzan" as Esmeralda

Prince Eric as Jimmy Darling

Tiana as Desiree Dupree

Elsa as Elsa

All together now!