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Cara Delevingne Does Not Like Bleaching Her Brows

During Fashion Week, Cara Delevingne walked down the Givenchy runway without her signature brows. They were bleached for the first time since January 2013, and though they were out of sight, they definitely were not out of mind. One person's mind on which they weighed especially heavy? Cara's, natch. In an interview with, she reveals that getting them back to their perfectly dark state is not as easy as one would think:

I used to do it a lot more. When I first started modeling, they used to bleach my eyebrows all the time. I used to think people hated them. I tried so hard to get out of doing it this time. When they dye them back, something almost always ends up going wrong. Either they are too dark, or one is a different color than the other. But it was weird because I hadn’t seen them like that in a while. I looked like an albino baby.

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While we don't know of many babies who wear Givenchy—except for North West, of course—Cara without brows is certainly a different look. In the interview, she also talks about how she maintains them, and—spoiler!—she just plucks the middle. Once the middle is set, she says, "And then I don’t need to shape them ever."

Ummm, some people have all the luck, eh? #Jealz

The full interview is up on, and she talks about her love of bacon, working naked with Kate Moss, and what she's gonna be for Halloween, so you def wanna check it out.