Proof That Liam Payne Might Be An Insomniac

He can't sleep, guys.

One Direction are a bunch of hardworking guys. With their upcoming album, FOUR, out November 17, a tour booked all the way through next year and numerous promo activities to attend to, it's not likely they get a lot of downtime, and when they do, they had to spend it sleeping. And who wants to do that?

Poor Liam Payne has been sending out signs that's he's having horrible luck getting rested. And recently, he's been tweeting about it more frequently. Someone get that kid a warm glass of milk and a lavender sachet!

Excessive tweeting about sleeping means you're not sleeping; you're tweeting.

Here is just sampling of Liam's tweets about trying to go to bed -- despite that his bed is a tour bus bunk bed for most of the year:

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