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You Have To See Kevin Smith's Jaw-Dropping Transformation

'Look at this goofy spaz.'

Good morning! Here's Kevin Smith:

Kevin Smith

No, really. That's Kevin Smith. You might not recognize him without the beard, but it's totally him.

Here he is with the beard:

Kevin Smith

And, again, without:

Kevin Smith

Beardless Kevin Smith comes to you courtesy of "Yoga Hosers," the writer-director's upcoming action-adventure movie spinning out of his most recent effort, "Tusk." It's about two world-saving teenage yogis, both named Colleen, played by Smith and Johnny Depp's daughters Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp. Apparently, Depp and Smith themselves are in the movie as well, and Smith's role requires him to go beard-free.

"Look at this goofy spaz," Smith described of himself on Facebook. "It's a Face-Brazilian!"

Not for nothing, Kevin, but it's a good look!