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Reason #137 To Watch 'Slednecks': It Costs $8 To Chill With Reindeer In Alaska

Now that’s a bargain.

Partying on glaciers might be unfamiliar to most, but partying with reindeer sounds like a whole other world entirely.

On the new MTV show "Slednecks," which premieres Thursday night at 10/9c, you'll get up close and personal with a group of friends from the small, snow-covered town of Wasilla, Alaska. There, you'll find them strapping on their best neons to go hunting, taking shots of caribou's blood and, obviously, ice-fishing in bikinis. Plus, and perhaps most appealing of all, the real-life portal to Christmas is just down the street.

Williams' Reindeer Farm Facebook Page

At Williams Reindeer Farm, which charges only $8 per adult for entry, you can HANG OUT WITH REINDEER. You can pet the reindeer. You can kiss the reindeer. You can share your stories of repressed Christian guilt with the reindeer -- it's all fair game! And, in the very unlikely event you wind up bored of the majestic beasts' company (MONSTER!), the farm also offers inflatable pony races, potato-launching contests and "hay play." Because, as Williams puts it, "Who doesn't enjoy playing in hay?" No arguments here!

Williams' Reindeer Farm Facebook

Halloween might mean winter's just around the corner, so it's as good a time as any to check out the farm! Take a look at the company's calendar in the event you'll be nearby anytime soon, and tune in to the "Slednecks" premiere later this week!