9 Appropriate Reactions To Benedict Cumberbatch Playing 'Doctor Strange'

People seem to like this.

After months of speculation and some serious San Diego Comic-Con denial, news broke on Monday (October 27) that Benedict Cumberbatch would indeed be playing Marvel's Doctor Stephen Strange.

Internet -- here's how you responded:

1. Some of you were amped, but still played it cool.

2. While others were psyched -- like, multiple exclamation points psyched.

3. Many felt that Thanksgiving had clearly come early.

4. Some struggled with picking the pieces of their own brain matter off the floor.

5. Tears were shed. Oh boy, were they shed.

6. And if we're being honest, his looks might have had something to do with it.

7. (Though the sheer perfection of this casting was also involved.)

8. A small but vocal minority was distrustful. (Khan? Really?)

9. ... And then there was this guy.

Oh internet. You never cease to slay me. Or Benedict Cumberbatch.