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Paul Rudd Helped Tackle A Violent Homophobe So That's Another Reason To Love Him [UPDATE]

"As if" we needed another.

UPDATED: OK, we're somehow supposed to live on earth eating sandwiches and believing that a man who walks like Paul Rudd, wears Paul Rudd's face and (we assume) quacks like Paul Rudd is not actually Paul Rudd.

Vanity Fair reached out to the actor's reps, who denied that the man in the video was Rudd. We're calling shenanigans, because superheroes never want their true identities revealed.

So, update -- wink wink, nudge nudge -- the man in the video is definitely not Paul Rudd. Either that, or we have a much bigger clone problem on our hands than we initially assumed.


EARLIER: Look, we've always suspected that Paul Rudd was a super nice guy. While we would normally be suspicious of someone who doesn't age (seriously, take a look at "Clueless" and then remember that was 19 years ago), his adorable stories about teenage kegger antics, being too ripped for his "Ant-Man" costume and punnily helping people announce their impending offspring help keep those suspicions at bay.

And now a new video, coupled with a little bit of investigative Twitter journalism (twournalism), really drives the point home, hard. Recently a unnamed man went on a homophobic rant at the Dallas airport, eventually trying to get violent with the man he was yelling at. As he lashed out, a group of passers by tackled him and pinned him to the ground, restraining him until police could come and handcuff him. And guess what! One of those randos was none other than Paul Rudd.

Yep, keep an eye out for him in a blue checked shirt and olive-colored jacket, jumping on and holding the dude down. Wonkette has the backstory of how we figured out it was Ant-Man himself.

Just add this incident to the growing list of reasons we suspect Rudd is an actual superhero.