Drunk Guy Walks In Wrong Apartment, Climbs In Bed With Confused Neighbor

Yet another reason to lock your doors at night.

We all have trouble remembering stuff after a few drinks, and we've all passed out in some embarrassing locations. So, who are we to judge 26-year-old Tyler Sullivan, who allegedly got a little confused about the exact location of his mother's Connecticut guestroom?

Specifically, police say that Sullivan mixed up her apartment with a neighbor's in the town of Clinton, and then got under the covers with him at 1:40 a.m. Saturday. "The [911] caller said that he rolled over [and] saw that it was not his wife," the police report explains.

The unidentified man told authorities that the "highly intoxicated" intruder wouldn't leave. Now free on $1,000 bail, Sullivan faces charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct, the Associated Press reports.

Police say that he has no memory of the incident, reports the Hartford Courant. Forgetfulness seems to be a recurring problem here.