OK GO Get Super High In Their New Video: Watch 9 Amazing GIFs

Like, using a flying camera, c'mon!

It's undeniable: OK GO are the very best at making music videos. Hands down. From their breakthrough "A Million Ways" to their treadmill dancing in "Here It Goes Again" to their Super Bowl commercial for "Needing/Getting" and "The Writing's On The Wall," they always find a way to amaze and amuse us.

So, of course we expected their latest, "I Won't Let You Down," to do the same. And, duh, they nailed it again. For the second single from Hungry Ghosts, they traveled to Japan's Chiba Prefecture this summer and got Honda to lend them a few of their futuristic UNI-CUB scooters for the shoot, which was captured in one shot, of course. They also used a custom "multi-copter camera" that flew way above the action to catch a sea of umbrellas making stunning patterns.

Here are our 9 favorite scenes from the clip:

Here's the full video: