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Here's Your First Look At Iggy Azalea's Steve Madden Collaboration

In August, Iggy Azalea announced that she was collaborating with Steve Madden for a collection that would drop in February. Well, Christmas Valentine's Day has come early, because Iggy teased two of the shoes from the collection and they can be summed up in one word: Danggggggg.

While the shoes may be a little, um, high to wear in the middle of February—if you live in a climate that deals with that whole ~snow~ thing—they will definitely add a sparkly element to your footwear collection. I guess you could argue the lug sole would provide more traction than a normal high heel, but I'd still suggest you securing a cab or door-to-door car service.

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Iggy shared a second pair—the same style, darker color—which she revealed are her "personal favorites." She also announced that there will be 15 styles in total—so throw away all your other shoes to make room, OK?—and they're all "fun and with a little sporty twist."

She also promised she'd be sharing more throughout the upcoming months, which we will, obviously, be keeping a close eye on.