See Colton Haynes' Halloween 'Dream Costume' Transformation

Colton goes green.

Colton Haynes, the delicious bad-boy-turned-good-guy of "Arrow" fame, couldn't wait to step out in his Halloween costume this weekend -- a costume which apparently meant the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Who was the character that Colton has yearned all his young life to represent?

The answer...

...may surprise you.

Admit it: You thought he was going to be dressed up as Batman or something.

Colton was so excited about his big debut that he documented his transformation on Instagram.

He looks lovely in green.

And he was definitely a hit at the party he attended.

Although it looks like he's got some serious exfoliating to do, now.

Meanwhile, we can ponder the mystery of how it is that this costume makes Colton even more appealing than he was before. Which is saying something, because let's not forget that Colton Haynes was plenty appealing before.