'Walking Dead' Kills [SPOILER], And We See No Silver Linings

Nightmares end; they don't have to end who you are.

Death's as common as the cold on "The Walking Dead," but that doesn't make it any easier when we lose a beloved character to the clutches of the undead.

In last night's "Four Walls and a Roof," we lost not one but two main characters in the ongoing struggle between the living and the dead — and while one of those deaths was a shock, the other one was just a big, fat, bummer.


It's time to pour one out for …

Bob, who turned into tainted meat and died from a zombie bite.

It turns out that back in last week's "Strangers," when Bob was dragged underwater at the food bank, one of the walkers took a chunk out of his shoulder. He didn't tell anybody about the wound; instead, he slinked off into the woods in the middle of the night to die alone, hoping that people wouldn't remember the way his life ended, focusing instead on the happy times.

"If I told you, it would become all about the end," dying Bob tells girlfriend Sasha. "And I really like the middle."


It's an especially sad sendoff for Bob, one of the few (the only?) members of Rick's group who still saw the bright side in every situation. He believed in a world where walkers would one day fade away. He believed in the dream of Washington, where he and Sasha and the rest of them could start over, and put this nightmare to an end. He saw a silver lining in every dark cloud.

But the sun has set on Bob's infectious optimism, and a big piece of the show's heart dies with him. Bob wasn't the flashiest character on the show, but he was important, in that he represented the idea that good can still exist in an increasingly evil world. Bob's sunshiny perspective was especially important given Rick's continued descent into darkness; without Bob, who will remind Rick that nightmares end, but they don't have to end who you are?

We'll have to wait to see if anyone can fill Bob's shoes as the zombie apocalypse's patron saint of finding silver linings. For now, if you'll forgive us, Bob, we fail to see the bright side in your untimely demise.

Will you miss Bob on "The Walking Dead," or do you think it was his time to die?