Watch 'Reading Rainbow' Host LeVar Burton Curse His Way Through A Hilarious Children's Story

The language is, obviously, NSFW.

It's no surprise that over the years "Reading Rainbow" star LeVar Burton has picked up a few favorites in the children's genre. But did anyone expect it would be the one titled "Go The F--k To Sleep," like, at all?

The man responsible for turning hundreds of PBS-watching tots onto how and why reading is so FUN-damental (we couldn't help ourselves there) explained as much to a room full of cross-legged adults and those watching video game production studio Rooster Teeth's Internet stream in support of Extra Life.

"This is one of my favorite children's stories," Burton says in the video before diving in and causing a cacophony of giggles with the title of the Adam Mansbach cult favorite.

You should listen, revel in his "Captain Planet" t-shirt, but be forewarned — this is definitely not one for the kids (because spoiler alert: he drops the f-bomb. Like A LOT):

Extra Life, the annual event — a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for sick children — works with many outlets and video-game obsessives in order to raise funds and awareness for children's charities. Burton's reading of the aggressively worded story was a reward for viewers making $75,000 in donations.