Swifties, Taylor Totally Knows You're BFFs IRL, And It's Blowing Her Mind

Um, can we get one of those three-way BFF necklaces?

Sure, the album you've been waiting for, 1989, is finally here, but let's reflect on the ingenious lead-up to the album's release that Taylor Swift planned for her fans. Like the fact hundreds of you lucky Swifties ACTUALLY GOT TO GO TO TAYLOR'S HOUSE. And eat her homemade cookies.

It was beyond, right?? All the secret listening sessions Taylor invited fans to, the livestream where she announced she was going full-time pop star, the emphasis on Polaroids... I'm getting nostalgic! Oh, the memories. (Okay, I wasn't personally invited, but I SWEAR I'M NOT BITTER! I SWEAR!) But as it turns out, all of these bits of nostalgia, memories and intimate get-togethers led to some IRL friendships between Swifties.

Once you've had the lifechanging opportunity to go to Taylor Swift's house and listen to 1989 WITH TAYLOR SWIFT (and her cat), you've got two choice: 1.) Die. Or 2.) Become IRL BFFs with your fellow Swifties (which is better than dying, obviously), and that's exactly what happened, and that's exactly what Taylor loves about the experience.

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"One of the things that really blew my mind about the secret sessions is how much unity it brought to groups of people involved," Taylor told MTV News during her sit-down interview with Jack Antonoff in L.A. on Friday, October 24.

"I was at Hollywood Boulevard performing on TV last night, and afterward I was on Tumblr looking at pictures, and I came across this picture of a group of about 35 people who'd come to the L.A. secret sessions and had all gone to that show together because they're all friends now. The fact that these people who've become crusaders and ambassadors and sort of monitors and more importantly friends, that's really important to me."

Doesn't this feel like something that Taylor would write a song about? It's almost as if she willed it into existence. Well, because she did. Given her own emphasis on female friendships lately, it's cool to see her fans embracing these relationships too.

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Honestly, is there anything Taylor can't do? And while we're on the topic, check out the elaborate Polaroid set-up that she's including in physical CD copies of 1989.

13 Polaroids?? Handwritten lyrics? After the care that Taylor has poured into this album (and into homemade cookies), it's no wonder that friendships are blossoming just from listening to it.

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