Of Course Bill Murray Introduced Londoners To American Football In A Bear Hat

There's also bird calls.

Just when we think Bill Murray cannot possibly out-Murray himself, he throws a bear hat on his head and gives the people of London a talkin'-to about football.

Don't go changing, Bill. Don't go changing at all.

When he's not busy giving sage love advice and dropping in on rogue parties, the perma-king of all things chuckleworthy and unofficial ambassador of our hearts takes up side gigs, like being the face of American football in London. Which is exactly what he comedian got up to this weekend, introducing the Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions to a crowd perhaps less familiar with their origins than folks living stateside.

The teams battled it out during a special match at Wembley Stadium early Sunday morning (October 26), and though American football in the UK seems counterintuitive, some brilliant person over at the NFL or FOX or something had the brilliant idea to put Murray into that all-encompassing introductory role — and let him do it his way. The Murray way. Which is to say, when he wasn't introducing the backstory of these two particular teams, Murray spent his video time wisely: making bird calls.

We know it's usually saved for the queen, Beyoncé, but we think she'd agree: Bill Murray's lookin' straight-up kookerifically ***FLAWLESS. I mean he definitely woke up like this, right?

Bill Murray is a gift to us all.