Colin Douglas Gray / MTV

2 Chainz Takes A Break From 'Expensivest Sh--' To Pop A 'Xanny'

'If I can't sleep, I’m gonna pop a xan.'

2 Chainz has been busy as ever hosting the GQ show “Most Expensivest Shit,” which is about exactly what it sounds like. In between eating $300 hamburgers and brushing his teeth with $5000 toothbrushes the artist formerly known as Tity Boi has managed to record some new music. “Xanny,” featuring Skooly and Cap 1, emerged today on a mixtape called The Other Guys: Street Execs Priorities, by DJ Ace, DJ Penny Lane, DJ Tephlon, and DJ Tekniz.

The production rests on an eerie, repeating piano figure, overlaid by buzzing 808 programming. 2 Chainz fills up the space with typically Chainz-ian boasts about the consumption and distribution of narcotics, both in titanic quantities. He offers some brief medical advice: “If I can't sleep, I’m gonna pop a xan. Then I get some money, I’m gonna pop a band.”

Chainz then switches into a rapid, Migos-inspired flow when discussing distribution: "Okay I don’ figured it out/I know what you n----s about/We slangin’ narcotics you know that we got it/There’s never ever a drought.”

More than 10 years into his career, 2 Chainz is a skilled technician—while this flow isn’t totally original, Chainz has a way of swallowing and enunciating words that works effectively with the material.

Head over to Livemixtapes to stream the track or download the entire mixtape for free.