Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Kiesza's 'No Enemiesz' Video Will Have You Dancing In Your Chair

And itching to strip off a few layers while you're at it.

Have you checked out Kiesza yet? Cuz you're going to want to. The Candaian experimental pop singer-and-dancer has been turning Brooklyn into her own personal dance studio since she stepped on the scene of Wythe Avenue earlier this year for the acclaimed "Hideaway" video.

Her sophomore album Sound Of A Woman officially came out earlier this week (October 21), but the singer didn't rest on her laurels at all, following it up with this new video for "No Enemiesz." As always, she can't stop moving, and her moves are just as head-turning as her earlier clips.

But Kiesza also seems unable to stop shedding layers as she dances throughout the loft apartment, stripping down right till the end of the track. There's a reason this girl was a VMA nominee for best choreography—she knows how to move. Watch for yourself below: