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The Little Monsters Are Losing It In A BIG Way Over Lady Gaga's 'Cheek To Cheek' PBS Special

Tony Bennett even got in on the live-tweeting.

Lady Gaga decided to take a trip down the jazzy lane this year, and put out an album that went in a totally different direction from ARTPOP with her Tony Bennett collaboration Cheek To Cheek.

The album is jazz standards done by Gaga and Bennett in duets, and you'd think that some of her pop-loving fans might not want to make the transition into jazz, right? Nope. Wrong—monstrously wrong. Instead, the Little Monsters have been losing their minds over the album, and specifically during tonight's (October 24) special PBS performance of the album.

Gaga herself was obviously stoked about the event, and live-tweeted along with the taped performance:

But she wasn't the only one—countless fans reflected on how excited they were about the unlikely fact that they were falling in love with jazz.

Even Tony Bennett got into the live-tweeting! He was watching along with his wife Susan and this adorable bundle of fluff named Happy. Uhhh Tony, can I come over and watch with you??

After all that tweeting, the site even went down for a few minutes—something the monsters gladly took responsibility for.

Wanna get in on all that jazz? Get your copy of Cheek to Cheek here, or, if you missed the special you can watch a brief clip of them watching the title track below.