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When Their Principal Forbid Cross-Dressing During Spirit Week, These Students Revolted

Lots of students came together for their peers.

When two male students came dressed up as women to their Washington high school earlier this month—one, as Nicki Minaj, and the other, as Miss America—they were told they had two options: Change outfits, or go home.

They were surprised, since they were following the protocol of the White Pass Jr. Sr. High School Spirit Week, which, on this day, called for students to "dress like a celebrity," according to KING5 News in Washington. That didn't stop the principal—whom the boys said told them they needed to change—from trying to lay down the law.

"I asked him why," Mudge said. "He said, 'No reason.'"

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So given that choice, Chandler Krueger and Mason Mudge decided to leave.

In an inspiring show of solidarity, fellow students came to school the following day dressed in outfits generally associated with the opposite sex.

"I think it's really awesome that all the kids support me and support the decisions that I made," Mudge said. "I walked into school this morning and everyone was wearing dress[es] and pink and all that."

Superintendent Chuck Wyborney seems to agree that the way the two high schoolers were treated was unjust. "If it happens again, we'll handle it differently," he said.

What do you think? Was the principal out of line? Would you have protested his decision too? Let us know in the comments.