More 'Elf' Is Coming, So It's Time To Stock Up On Maple Syrup

I wish there was a revolving door to run through over and over.

Do you love smiling? Would you say it's your favorite thing? Well, grab your maple syrup and wait in front of the TV, because you're really gonna like what's coming to the small screen this holiday season.

NBC will air a new stop-motion animated musical Christmas special on December 16, titled “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas."

Yes, that elf. The very same oversized actually-a-human-but-don't-tell-him-that elf, Buddy, that Will Ferrell portrayed in 2003's "Elf."

Ferrell won't return to the special, which features nine songs, according to a release from the network. The lead elf honor this time around belongs to Jim Parsons, with additional voice cast support from Mark Hamill, Ed Asner, Fred Armisen, Jay Leno, Matt Lauer and Gilbert Gottfried. Among the songs included are “Happy All the Time,” “A Christmas Song” and “Nobody Cares About Santa Claus.”

We have a lot of feelings about this, naturally.

First, we were like...

Then we were like...

Because we love "Elf" almost as much as we love spaghetti and maple syrup.

Like, really. We love it.

We'll miss Will Ferrell in those green tights, but inside, we can't help but feel like this:

Can't. Wait.