Tweets Of The Week: Snooki's Son And JWOWW's Daughter Had Their Very First Movie Date

But it didn't go exactly as planned…

These days, your Twitter timeline says as much about you as your taste in movies or fashion sense, and ours is chock full o’ MTV greatness. Between the intriguing “Teen Wolf” stars and the “Code” jokesters, our network’s cast members always have a ton to share on social media. And each week, we’re rounding up the posts that had us RTing like crazy. Check out the latest!

There's a certain magic in movie dates -- the silver screen can lead to hand-holding, sweet kisses between previews or, in the case of Snooki's and JWOWW's kids, unconsciousness.

It seems Little Lorenzo and Baby Meilani met up this week to enjoy a film together, and whether it was the gloomy weather or an impromptu Sandman visit, the experience eventually sent both young ones off to Dreamland. "My daughter Meilani and @snooki's son had a movie date and you'll never guess what happened..." JWOWW tweeted with the photo above, in which the kids are catching more than a few Zs. A couple of Ring Pops should stop this from happening next time!

Also on Twitter, Greer Grammer of "Awkward" had plenty to say about Los Angeles' hot weather, but social media hate left "Snack-Off" judge Chrissy Teigen cold. And while Spencer Pratt was impressed by Britney Spears' ability to make a quick buck, "Awkward" star Ashley Rickards just wanted to slow down for a minute.

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