5 Reasons Stiles Stilinski Would Make The BEST Homecoming Date

We can dream, can't we?

'Tis a sad day for us "Teen Wolf" diehards — Dylan O'Brien got squashed by YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley in MTV's Homecoming King bracket.

Yo, Tyler: You're adorable and we're really happy for you, but Dylan would have made awesome royalty. And, come to think of it, his onscreen alter ego Stiles Stilinski would have been equally amazing, not to mention the BEST date to the dance. To all the ladies out there, this one's for you: five reasons we'd kill to go to homecoming with Stiles:

1. He'd be really, really, REALLY excited to shake it with you.

Back in Season 1, when Stiles was still a sidekick, he confessed his love to longtime crush Lydia -- right before they cut a serious rug. When Stiles dances, he really commits!

2. He'd flatter you 'til the coyotes come home.

Stiles has a sweet side like no other and is a natural at making the ladies blush. Hey, we do it every Monday during new eps of "Teen Wolf."

3. He'd protect you from...everything.

The former Nogitsune host has long shielded his nearest and dearest from the baddies of Beacon Hills, and he'd do the same for his date. Because...

4. He's a true gentleman.

He'll find you some coverage if you suddenly wake up naked and alone in a dark forest. And he'll probably open doors for you, too.

5. He'd have you laughing all night long.

Even when you're sad because he didn't win Homecoming King.