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'Bayonetta 2': What You Need To Know About Nintendo's Hair-Fighting Game

Platinum Games revives the stylish and outrageous brawler for fans!

It's been 4 long years since Platinum Games first heated up consoles with a brash and beautiful new action game titled "Bayonetta." Set as a kinda-sorta spiritual successor to the "Devil May Cry" series, it blasted into the hearts of brawler fans and quickly became a cult hit.

And now SEGA is bringing the franchise back for a sequel on the Wii U. So does "Bayonetta 2" live up to the hype? Should you pick up a Wii U for it? Yes, and yes! Here's why.

Who Is Bayonetta?

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So what or who, exactly, is a Bayonetta? Well, she's a powerful witch born into a war between heaven and hell who uses her fighting prowess to beat the tar out of anyone or anything that gets in her way. Also, her hair is used both as a way to summon mythical creatures and spells and doubles as her outfit. ALSO! She has a wicked pair of high heels that hosts a pair of pistols for maximum slaying! Got it? No? It doesn't matter because you'll be having too much fun to care.

Bewitching Battles

Punching out combos to whip baddies into submission is the name of the game. As you navigate the world, you'll encounter enemies you'll need to pummel the opposition to progress. Fortunately, Bayonetta is a beast at fighting. She has a vast repertoire of attacks and weapons and can purchase more by earning currency in the form of halos and demonic gems. Executing attacks is fairly easy, but mastering them means the difference between life and death.

Additionally, Bayonetta can hinder enemies with "Witch Time," activated by perfectly timing dodges. Witch Time slows down enemies, allowing you to punish them with brutal combos. She also can activate Umbran Climax -- by accruing magic power with attacks -- to boost her power further for massive damage. Finally, she can "torture" enemies with diabolical devices summoned on the battlefield.

Devilish Difficulty

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Fighting waves of baddies and mastering combat is extremely rewarding. Platinum Games -- no stranger to action titles -- nails the combat with "Bayonetta 2," as pulling off daring attacks and graceful dodges makes you feel unstoppable. But don't get lulled into a sense of security. "Bayonetta 2" can be downright devilish with its difficulty.

Gorgeous Graphics

Outside combat mechanics, you'll be delighted in some of the best looking graphics on the Wii U. You'll face off against disturbing angelic and demonic creatures, each with unique designs. The environments are bright and colorful but the real stars are the absolutely massive boss fights. Usually, these are multi-staged battles leading to epic clashes of magic which break apart the environment.

Brilliant FX and silky animations round out the visuals. "Bayonetta 2" ranks among the strongest visual contenders for the Wii U along with "Pikmin 3" and "Mario Kart 8.

The Hole Plot

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The story of "Bayonetta 2" is pretty standard fare for these types of fantasy action games: there's a secret magical world with angels and demons battling for supremacy as a mysterious figure attempts to claim reality for itself and become a god. You gotta stop it, because, reasons. You're signing up for the gameplay first and foremost here, but if you're willing to engage in the story don't expect a sweeping epic emotional roller coaster.

Final Word

"Bayonetta 2" is the perfect follow-up to the first game. Massive fights, tight and responsive controls, and wonderful visuals create a concoction that will have fans eating it up. While some might be a bit miffed that it's a Wii U only title, "Bayonetta 2" is among the brightest stars in Wii U's library. If you were on the edge about picking the system up, we'd wager that "Bayonetta 2" might be the tipping point.

"Bayonetta 2" is available today (October 24) for Wii U.