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Heidi Montag Expresses Empathy For Renée Zellweger

The former ‘Hills’ star weighs in on the actress’ new look.

In 2010, as part of what seemed like a quest to become a flesh-and-blood Barbie, Heidi Montag underwent multiple concurrent plastic surgeries and shocked friends and family with her drastic transformation. Heidi said initial scrutiny left her feeling isolated, but now, having reflected on her choices, she's using her experiences to lend support to others.

Last night, Heidi appeared on "Extra!," and when she was asked about Renée Zellweger's seemingly altered face, the former "Hills" star offered nothing but understanding.

"I don't know if Renée Zellweger just aged like she said but, for me, when I see people look totally different, I have an empathy," she explained. "I feel like I know why -- at least why I did it -- and it brings me back to that time in my life, and I feel for them."

Ultimately, Heidi concluded, self-acceptance is key, and she hopes anyone who chooses to get plastic surgery does so for the right reasons.

"My heart kind of goes out to them to think, 'Well, why did you do that?' and 'Are you happy with it?'" she said. "It's a hard, life-changing decision. When anyone does that, then obviously they're unhappy with something. So I hope that they found their happiness."

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