The Queen Of England's First Tweet Is Peak England

The tweet that wears the crown.

Although the British monarchy has had its own Twitter account since 2009, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had never personally composed her own 140-character contribution. But now, all that has changed! In honor of the opening of a new gallery at London's Science Museum, the head of the royal family welcomed herself to Twitter with this welcoming message for museum-goers.

A detailed report from the Guardian describes the lead-up, execution, and aftermath of the royal tweet, including this part, which might actually be the most fantastically British sentence ever written:

"The Queen removed a glove to send the tweet in front of around 600 guests including communications entrepreneurs and experts Lady Lane-Fox, Hermann Hauser, Mo Ibrahim, Professor Steve Furber and Sir Nigel Shadbolt."

That is downright refined.

It remains to be seen whether the Queen will ever return to tweet again, but kudos for a very capable inaugural tweet! It's a little dry and formal, maybe -- it would've been much more exciting to see her weigh in on #gamergate or start a flame war with President Obama -- but let's give it 9 out of 10. One point docked for not using the royal "we," which seems like a missed opportunity.