Lorde Is Katniss Now?

This fan art has our imagination running wild.

Wow. Lorde looks really good as Katniss. A fan drew Ella as our favorite "Hunger Games" pure heroine, and she looks real comfortable with a bag of arrows on her back. Almost too comfortable. I'd watch out.

We've imagined Lorde as Katniss before. After all, the New Zealand singer had to get into her head to write the song "Yellow Flicker Beat," one of her contributions to the "Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" soundtrack, which she curated. Other songs on the compilation include offerings by Kanye West, Haim, Pusha T And Charli XCX. We'll also hear another Lorde track called "Ladder Song."

So, don't worry: Jennifer Lawrence still has her Katniss gig, but if she ever needs an understudy, we know where to look.