Sob Along With These Kids As They Reunite With Their Lost Cat

If you've ever lost a pet, this video will strike a chord.

When I was about eight years old, my beloved dog Archie escaped out the backdoor and ran away from home. For an hour or so we couldn't find him and I was horrified at the idea that he might be gone forever, but luckily he was spotted running through a wheat field somewhere and we got him back.

Now, almost everyone probably has a similar story like this with one of their pets -- that dreaded moment when you worry that your best friend, your companion and your comfort is suddenly gone from your life. Which is probably why watching this video of these kids reunite with their cat who was lost for two whole months will cause even the most stone-faced of us to shed at least a single, solitary tear.

The mother of these four kids found their beloved 13-year-old cat Maddy wandering out near a gas station, and surprised them with her return. Of course, she also thought ahead far enough to film the whole think, resulting in this tear-jerking video.

One of the kids has to excuse himself to go outside because he's so overwhelmed, another bursts into tears almost immediately. The best part though? The insistence from one of the kids that he "knew it!" -- he never gave up hope. Watch all the cuteness for yourself below, then go hug your pet.