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Why Does Nicki Minaj Sound Just Like Jay Z When You Slow Down Her Vocals?

A slo-mo version of 'Bang Bang' has us doing double takes.

It's no secret Nicki Minaj is a super fan of Jay Z.

In recent interviews, the Young Money MC has not only admitted to being "obsessed" with Hov, but has declared her upcoming LP, The Pinkprint, is the female answer to his Blueprint collection.

Nicki's admiration may not stop there though. While I was messing around with the app Video Star the other day, a few of my co-workers and I made a shocking observation about the "Anaconda" rapper: When you slow down her audio on songs, she sounds nearly identical to ... Jay Z.

Don't believe it? Listen for yourself:

Because the iPhone app allows you to adjust speed and pitch, every once in awhile I get the urge to reduce a song's levels to a drag queen's tone and lip sync for my co-workers. So we discovered this strange similarity while manipulating the vocals on Nicki's collaboration with Jessie J and Ariana Grande on "Bang Bang."

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For this particular workplace performance, my intention was to just mouth the chorus and Ariana's verse so I wasn't really paying much attention to Onika's rhyme. It wasn't until my podmate almost fell out of her chair that I realized the resemblance.

But although I'm a fan, I'm far from a hip-hop expert, so I took my newly discovered remix to MTV News' rap aficionado Rob Markman. While he wasn't as enamored as the rest of us, even Rob couldn't deny the similarities.

After some research, we found 1). When speeding up Hov's lyrics he sounds more like a character from "Alvin and The Chipmunks" than Nicki Minaj, 2). We're not the first to come across this musical anomaly and 3). There's an entire SoundCloud account dedicated to this discovery.

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Something else uncovered while listening to "Bang Bang" in slow-mo? Well, when Nicki spells out the song's title, it sounds like she replaces the first "B" with a "G," forming the words "gang bang." Which might be too shocking even coming from a singer whose stage name was derived from "ménage à trois."

Let us know what you think! Do you hear the resemblance between Nicki and Jay in the slowed down track? Sound off in the comments below.