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How Did Big Sean Get Kanye West, DJ Mustard And DJ Dahi To Produce 'IDFWU'? Let Him Explain

When their powers combine...

(Sean and Mustard break down the beat)

After being relatively quiet on the music front for a few months, Big Sean came back strong with four new tracks in September. One of the standouts was “IDFWU,” which boasts a monster beat, co-produced by Kanye West, DJ Mustard, DJ Dahi and Key Wayne. No big deal, right?

“I’m lucky, because all the producers on the song…it’s hard for some people to get one beat from them, and I got one beat with all of them on it,” Sean told MTV News on the song’s video set. “So I’m just blessed, man.”

The Detroit rapper explained that the beat started during a session with himself and DJ Mustard, before Kanye, DJ Dahi and Key Wayne added their own layers. “It was a process, but most importantly they all believed in the song,” he said. “It had time to get worked on, made proper and I think [that] made it special.”

Mustard was out on the road when the song was finally completed, so he actually heard it right when the rest of us did -- and he wasn’t disappointed.

“My first time hearing it in full was when [Sean] dropped it,” Mustard told MTV News. “I was out on the tour so I hadn’t gotten a chance to come back to the studio and listen to the song. When it came out I was in shock just like everybody else. And for Kanye, Dahi and Key Wayne to do anything on a beat with me, is just an honor. So I was happy with it."

We're pretty happy with it too, Mustard.

Catch Sean, Kanye and DJ Mustard on the "IDFWU" video set below.