This First Look At ‘Into The Woods’ Features The Cast Actually Singing

We know things now, many beautiful things, like what Meryl Streep's singing voice sounds like.

Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods" has one of the best scores in recent-ish Broadway musical history, so imagine our surprise when the first trailer for the upcoming film adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick featured absolutely no singing at all.

Lucky for us, now that the film's Christmas 2014 release date is rapidly approaching, we've been given a lot more to work with, from Johnny Depp's costume to this behind-the-scenes featurette. In the video, we see everything from interviews with Streep, Depp, and Emily Blunt to Jack's beanstalk to, yes, actual singing. (From the prologue! "Go to the wood!")

So check out the video below, but remember -- be careful what you wish for.