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10 Celebrities Who Could Use Our Help Finding 'The One'

We're rooting for these stars to find their perfect matches -- and we've got just the way to make it happen.

The gold-plated, jet-setting life of a celebrity might be unfamiliar to the world's mere mortals, but aren't they, like we, just looking for love (and someone with whom they can share that Central Park-adjacent penthouse)?

Earlier this year, MTV's latest dating experiment "Are You the One?" proved it had the potential to drum up some serious romance when it corralled 10 single women and each of their 10 perfect male matches (as dictated by Science!) together in a house and challenged them to pinpoint their other halves. Each found at least a glimmer of love, each won a cool $50k, and in the case of Amber and Ethan, the game led to an engagement and baby on the way.

Might it be time for Tinseltown's single crowd to give the show a shot?

Below, we've put together our fantasy cast for an "AYTO" celebrity edition, and we're asking YOU to serve as the Truth Booth. Tell us who you think would be matched with whom and if you'd like to see any other A-listers join the roster. Plus, keep tuning in to Season 2 of "Are You the One?" on Monday nights at 10/9c!


Amber Rose

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Her outfits are never quiet, and her dating life shouldn't be, either. After a split from Wiz Khalifa, it's time for the red carpet stunner to get back on the scene.

Taylor Swift

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The consummate chart-topper says she's done with dating after some very public breakups, but we say "Celeb AYTO" might finally find T. Swift her own Prince Charming.

Britney Spears

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After dating David Lucado for more than a year, Brit found herself swinging single in September. And though meeting a guy with a Las Vegas revue is no easy task, we're confident the Truth Booth could help her land the man of her dreams.

Selena Gomez

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Are they a couple? Aren't they? When it comes to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, it's impossible to tell where they stand, and it might be prime time for Selena to branch out.

Renée Zellweger News

The actress couldn't be happier that she's got a new look, so maybe she should consider a new man to match!


Justin Bieber

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As previously stated, he and Selena Gomez can't seem to make up their minds about the state of their romance, so maybe the rules of the game would give him the freedom to uncover his real perfect match. Or, you know, Jelena might just wind up hooking up in the cabana at twilight.

Harry Styles

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Harry has made it very clear that he's a proud single man, but could a suitable partner-in-crime change all that? Say he won a Getaway Date with Britney, and the two bonded over soy lattes at a picturesque waterfall -- maybe they'd leave the show with a love song collabo!

Zac Efron

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OK, so he's the neighbor from hell, but could he be heaven sent for one lucky lady? We could surely see the buff actor causing a stir at any given Match-Up Ceremony.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Yes, he already dated T. Swift, but the eligible bachelor could still win big with any of the game's four remaining females. The beard alone would no doubt make the girls weak at the knees.


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We hear women love a man who can dance, and the Video Music Awards performer has proven over the years that he's got the moves. Something tells us this guy would at least be spending loads of time in the Boom Boom Room.