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Drake Is The King Of Gifs: Here Are 28 To Prove It On His 28th Birthday

There's not much better than a great Drake gif.

Drake is an animated dude.

It's one of the many things that makes his music so great. It's helps his music videos become memorable. It's what allows him to crush it as the host of the ESPYs and "SNL." It's why cameras flash to him during awards shows.

It's also what makes him the King of Gifs. In fact, for my money, he might be the most consistently gif-able dude around -- and for that, Drake, I'd like to thank you.

And not just thank you, but, on the day of your 28th birthday, to officially crown you the King of Gifs.

Here are 28 -- of the many, many, many -- to prove it.

He Smiles

And Laughs...

...And Laughs Some More

And Celebrates

Seriously, There's A Lot To Smile About

And -- Uh, I Donno -- Chews Gum?

Bah! Just Killed It In The Booth

Please Call Him "Maestro"

The OG Selfie

Worst Behavior

But Best Eyebrow Raise

And Another

Young Drizzy Showin' How It's Done

Ooh Kill 'Em

The Weird Dad

He Even Made Lint-Rolling Cool

Whatever This Is

She Seems Into It

A Little Much, Maybe

Is Anything Better Than The Eraser Clap?

The Brevity Of This Makes It Mesmerizing -- I Can't Look Away

Finding A Practical Use For The Grammy

Who Wouldn't Be Sad To See Nicki Go?

The Pool Jump Of All Pool Jumps

The Man Likes To Use His Hands

Classic Lip Rub

Gimme That Fry, Son

Time To Party...Happy Birthday, Drake