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Vote Bella Farley America's Next Top Dog!

JWOWW's pooch is in the running for a prestigious canine honor.

Every dog has its day, but with your help, JWOWW's could also have her own big-wig pet campaign., which features everything from the best flea and tick remedies to crates and toys, is searching for a pooch so dang adorable, it could have the Frisbee chasing them. The winner will serve as the new face of the site's logo, and since Jenni's pup has already proven she's a natural in front of the camera, the Jersey girl has begun to lobby. Get us some buttons, a novelty T and we're on board!

Dahee Yang

"Vote for Bella to be the new #coverdog #coverdog," Jenni tweeted this week, and so, we've reconfigured a favorite Bella photo into a campaign poster. Should B come out on top, JWOWW will win the aforementioned cover spot for her pooch and $1,000 that she promises to donate to charity.

Should Bella be bested, though, Jenni insists she'll still send a cool $1k to Pick Your Paw, an animal rescue organization that operates out of New Jersey.

Bella's already made the short list of 25 semifinalists, so be sure to help a sister out by heading to the site and VOTING.