We Took Miley And Lorde Back To The 1800s

This tintype app is our new obsession.

Hey, Taylor, you can keep your Polaroids. There's a new flashback photography style on the scene and it's totally old-school. And we mean old-school.

Hipstamatic is out with a new $0.99 app this week called TinType that allows you to take photos that look like they're straight out of the 1800s. For those not in the know, the tintype was popular at the latter half of the 19th century, and was basically a photo printed on tin. The metal creates an eerie kind of effect, making eyes clear and glowing and textures grainy and awesome.

The new app is pretty simple to use. You can either take a photo directly with TinType, or upload a previously snapped pic and old-i-fy it. From there, you can do some simple edits, adding hand-painted color, ramping up eye intensity and tweaking depth-of-field.

We threw some celeb shots into the app to get the full effect. Check it out below. Classiness abounds.

Lorde looks like a magical witch-baby set to entrance the world...

Gary Miller/TinType

Bieber is all classic gentleman here...

Kristy Sparow/TinType

Miley looks like a fairy in a sea of fireflies...

Donald Arnold/TinType

Now go take your own!