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8 Things We Learned About Taylor Swift From A Handwriting Expert

We Swifties will not be satisfied until we understand every facet of her kitten-crammed personality.

Taylor Swift isn't really afraid to lay it all bare via the singable diary entries that are her songs. Yup, when it comes to her business, she's as open as, well, a business on a weekday.

Still, we Swifties will not be sated until we understand every facet of her bubbly kitten-crammed personality. We want to breathe ourselves into her beautiful soul, basically, and we will not rest until we do.

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So MTV News hit up forensic document examiner and handwriting expert Dianne Peterson who took a look at all those handwritten 1989 lyrics Tay has been posting (assuming she penned them herself), and asked her to tell us what she could glean from all that ink.

I don't know about you, but I feel closer to Taylor already, guys. But maybe that's because I'm wearing a vintage nightgown, drinking a Diet Coke and squeezing a kitten while writing this.

But I digress... Read on:

1. She's Honest

"Taylor has open O's -- this means she is an honest person."

2. She's A Good Listener

"The eyelets of her lower case 'e's and 'a's are open, which means she is a good listener."

3. She's Sassy

"The cross bar of her 't's are pointed on one end, which means she can be sarcastic and may have a sharp tongue at times."

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4. She's A Go-Getter

"Her 'y' loop crosses back over the baseline and reveals she follows through with tasks: If you give her an assignment she will get it done."

5. She Likes Her Alone Time For Pondering

"Her 'y' stem is often just one stroke down, which reveals she enjoys time by herself. She probably keeps her own counsel and makes logical decisions."

6. She's Ready To Break Rules

"She places a larger uppercase letter of 'K' where it should be a lowercase letter -- this reveals defiance. She is OK with breaking rules at times."

7. She's Creative

"The curved top of the lowercase 'n' reveals that she a cumulative thinker. She needs all the facts before making a decision -- and is creative."

8. She's Figuring It All Out

"The circluar pattern reveals that she is in deep thought and reeling or contemplating a situation trying to take in all the possible outcomes."