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What's It Like To Come Back From War In Afghanistan? Find Out In 'MTV's Got Your 6'

You'll meet four of our bravest in the November 11 documentary.

What's it feel like to come back from the stress of the Afghanistan war front and try to settle back in to your regular life? You'll find out on November 11, when MTV premieres "MTV's Got Your 6," a riveting new documentary that follows the journey back home of four young Afghanistan veterans.

The show, which will air at 5 p.m. ET/PT on Veterans Day, shines a light on the unique experiences of young soldiers and Marines returning from active duty. Created in partnership with leading veteran empowerment campaign, Got Your 6, the special will be part of a day-long commemoration of Veterans Day that will look at the lives of post-9/11 servicemen and women across all of MTV's on-air and editorial and social platforms.

Their stories, from their perspectives

Using raw GoPro footage shot by soldiers and Marines on the ground in Afghanistan, "Got Your 6" will take viewers to the front lines and give a first-hand look at those experiences and how they impacted the soldiers and Marines. Combined with candid interviews and footage from their daily stateside lives, the documentary chronicles the transition back to life at home, giving a rare and unfiltered look at the extraordinary sacrifices made by some of the more than 1.3 million Americans deployed and now returning from Afghanistan.

"MTV's Got Your 6" -- a title derived form the military jargon that translates roughly into "I've got your back" -- follows the individual stories of four young soldiers and Marines from across the country as they return from Afghanistan. Like so many other soldiers and Marines, they find that the search for immediate relief from the stress of combat upon coming home is replaced with new stressors and unexpected obstacles. From PTSD to broken relationships and the anxiety that haunts these young men, they remain positive and hopeful about their futures, relying on the power of friendships, family and community to help them re-enter civilian life.


Meet the veterans

The documentary will focus on four veterans:

>> Dustin (25, Stephenville, TX) – A Corporal with the U.S. Marine Corps, Dustin was spared severe injury and possible death when a young Afghani boy warned him of a landmine. He’s eager to join a local EMT training program in hopes of becoming a firefighter for his small town.

>> Chris (25, Orlando, FL) – Chris is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran whose wife gave birth to his son while he was in Afghanistan. He named his son after his best friend and fellow soldier who died in combat.

>> Tim "TJ" (22, Sun Valley, CA) – The recipient of a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat, Tim draws strength from his fellow veterans and friends in his community. Military service runs in his family as his father and grandfather both served.

>> Geoffrey (25, Lancaster, PA) – Currently a military recruiter, Geoffrey would jump at the chance to return to combat if the opportunity arose. For now, he’s busy planning his wedding with his fiancé whom he credits with keeping him grounded upon his after from the war.