7 Surprisingly Girly Things About The Original Ghostbusters

The all-female Ghostbusters are coming to theaters and we can't wait -- but the old team was in touch with their feminine sides.

When news broke of an all-female "Ghostbusters" reboot, we collectively lost our minds in the best possible way. And the fact that "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig is behind the project is just icing on the awesome cake.

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With Halloween coming up (and many girls sure to wear Ghostbusters costumes with their besties), let's celebrate both occasions by re-watching the original two movies and realizing how girly the franchise has been from the beginning.

1. They're icked out by slime

Slimer might be a villain, and might be a pet, but he's mostly just the worst. Even Venkman can have his diva moments, ladies.

2. They always go out in groups...

Though Venkman does his own thing in the sequel, there was little that broke up the boys in the original movie. They were together so much that if we saw a deleted scene of Egon asking Ray to go to the bathroom with him, it wouldn't be shocking.

3. ...in matching outfits/accessories

It hardly stopped with their work coveralls. These guys matched almost every chance they had. Maybe it was good for business, but it's still the behavior of a clique in junior high.

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4. They love appliances...

Many gals likewise love both dancing and kitchen appliances, and this scene merges the best of both worlds. Let's see what the Ghostbusters can do with that juicer you never use.

5. ...but they're kind of flaky when it comes to more complicated machines

Don't even get them started on the "protection grid" or the unlicensed nuclear accelerators strapped to their backs. They might be scientists, but it's a whole thing.

6. Sweets are the enemy

The most iconic bad guy in the original film can be found in-between a s'more. Unfortunately, most girls understand this battle more than any original Ghostbuster ever will.

Ah, thanks Venkman. Still gonna eat that s'more though.

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7. They actually believe in ghosts to begin with

Venkman, Egon, Winston and Ray might not be afraid of no ghosts, but they also think apparitions are real in the first place -- just like 56% of ladies, as compared to 38% of dudes, according to CBS News. Being haunted (or believing you can be) is a girls' game. Actually, it's more surprising that "Ghostbusters" didn't star women from the get-go.