Hold Up, Schoolboy Q And Kathy Griffin Are Secret Lovers?

That's what the rapper says. Watch the video.

If you thought the pairing of 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler was unusual, here's one that will blow your mind: Schoolboy Q and Kathy Griffin.

Talk about your strange bedfellows.

"Kathy Griffin, that's the homie, that's my secret lover right there," the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper said during a recent appearance on ESPN's "Highly Questionable." "We fell in love a long time ago, and we just kept it going."

The Oxymoron MC has a weird sense of humor, so hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard pressed just to make sure their guest wasn't joking.

"It's just my secret lover," he added. "She hit me up, I come through, spend the night... I don’t have to say what I do when I spent the night. I spend the night, I wake up, I go home. Secret lovers."

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The word's out now, so the "secret" part of the relationship is a thing of the past. But that won't stop Q, who feels that his bond with the redheaded comedian is strong enough to withstand that -- and, you know, certain other rappers currently vying for her attention.

"She just joking with A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown," he said. "She ain’t serious with them, she serious with me. Those dudes can’t pull off a nice hat like this and glasses."

No, they can't, Q. No, they can't.

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