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This Halloween Makeup Tutorial Is Horrifyingly Good

It'll make you look BOO-tiful. Get it?! Haha. Hah.

Instead of spending yet another year as a sexy cat, hot nurse, or the "Wrecking Ball" in your best friend's Miley Cyrus costume (I mean, AT LEAST be the sledgehammer, jeez), makeup artist extraordinaire Peirce Kea has a few ideas that'll take you from "Halloween blah" to "Halloween HOLY SH*T." Peirce goes *in* on the colorful Cleopatra makeup Katy Perry rocked in her "Dark Horse" video, the pasty-chic face of everyone's favorite District One citizen from The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket, and lastly the classic Halloween staple of a blood-thirsty zombie (Daryl from The Walking Dead not included, sadly).

Even if just reading the word "Sephora" makes you break out in a nervous sweat, or if the thought of having to give yourself a cat eye with liquid liner sounds scarier than having Jason Vorhees chasing you around Camp Crystal Lake, fear not, young makeup Jedi. Peirce's helpful step-by-step instructions can work for anyone. Watch the video and kiss your drab Halloween costume goodbye, and say hello to being the Halloween Kween.