A Former NASA Engineer Just Turned Your iPhone Into A Sick Halloween Costume

Wait, did that guy's shirt just wink at me?

With the Space Shuttle permanently on blocks, NASA mechanical engineer Mark Rober has some time on his hands. So, after killing the Halloween game three years ago with his digital "Hole in the Chest" iPad costume, he's back this year with a whole bunch of new versions that use iPhones for creepily real, bloody effects.

The patented technology is available through Digital Dudz, where you can find a whole bunch of morph body suits, t-shirts and masks that have a hidden pouch for your phone. (No more cutting a hole in the shirt and Duck-taping your phone into the right spot.)

Using a free iPhone or Android app, you can turn the device into anything from a "Terminator"-style digital eye to beating hearts, a maggot-filled mouth, Iron Man Arc Reactor, and, yes, an exposed brain.

Here are some of his coolest inventions: