'The Gambler' NSFW Trailer: Let's Count The 'F--- You's

John Goodman's spiritual sequel to 'Argo f--- yourself.'

One of the late additions to this year's Oscar race was "The Gambler," a remake of the 1974 James Caan movie directed by "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" helmer Rupert Wyatt and starring Mark Wahlberg.

Being a late entry, "The Gambler" needs to generate some buzz and quick. That's where this first, NSFW trailer comes in.

"The Gambler" tells the story of Jim Bennett, a literature professor with a tinsy, winsy gambling problem. The preview centers around a conversation that he has with a gangster played by John Goodman about some funding he's (probably unwisely) taking in.

The movie also stars "Short Term 12" breakout Brie Larson, and seeing what's next from her and Wyatt post-"Apes" is enough to get excited about this one.

"The Gambler" opens in limited release on December 19, before going wide on January 1.