Hey, 5SOS Fam! Wanna Go To Derp Con? Here's Your Chance!

You and your bestie may be on your way to Los Angeles to MEET THE BOYS!

So you want to go to 5SOS's Derp Con? Duh, of course you do.

Well, guess what? You and your BFF could be heading to Los Angeles to bask in the Derpiness.

Here's what you have to do. Make a Vine video using #DERPCONMTV telling us why your best friend deserves to go to Los Angeles and attend Derp Con (which goes down November 15-16).

If you're chosen, not only will no one ever speak to you again due to outrageous jealousy (trust me -- it'll be worth it because YOU'RE GOING TO DERP CON!), but you'll pretty much be having the time of your life because there are so many more surprises coming your way.

Oh, and did I mention that only will you be getting prized tickets to attend 5SOS' concert at the iconic Forum in Los Angeles on November 15, but we'll also be picking up the tab for your travel and accommodations.

But, this is the part (and you may want to sit down for this) when I tell you that you'll also get to meet 5SOS. I repeat: YOU. WILL. MEET. 5SOS. Like shake their hands, maybe give them a hug, tell them just how much you love them, and possibly get a lap dance. For real.

You're going to want to keep checking, because there's lost more Derp Con info coming your way. So check out the rules here, and start creating your Vine videos now!