Apparently 5SOS Like To ‘Run Around Hotel Rooms Naked’ While On Tour

And wear lucky underwear!

Life on the road can get a bit crazy. Just how crazy, you ask? Well, if you're 5 Seconds of Summer, it's butt-naked crazy.

“Run around hotel rooms naked!" the guys revealed to Seventeen for the magazine's Hot Guy issue when asked about the wildest thing that happened while on tour. Luke added, "Once, when we lived in London, I went downstairs and Calum was making a cup of tea naked, so I took a photo. Calum’s butt is everywhere now.”

That is true.

But sometimes they like to wear underwear like the rest of us, reaching for a go-to pair, which for Michael are his lucky leopard undies, while Luke rocks a pair of Spongebob briefs that he's played "some good shows" in.

So what's Calum's good luck charm? Well, unlike the undies, it's something he never has to take off.

“This one. [Points to a bird with ‘Mali-Koa’ underneath.] It’s my sister’s name," Calum said of the tattoo that means the most to him. "She’s my best friend, and no one else gets me like she does. I go to her for everything. I also have a tattoo of my parents’ initials, so they’re always with me. It brings me good luck. Family is everything.”

The "Just Saying" pop/rock band also opened up about their relationship status, which Michael is looking to change from single to taken. Believe it or not, it's much harder than fans might assume.

“I guess I’m a little girl-crazy," Michael admitted. "Back in school, girls I liked actually liked Calum or Luke. I didn’t let that make me jaded, but it’s been a struggle to get girls to like me. I’ve learned not to focus on little crushes. Even now, I still get friend-zoned!”

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