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Todrick Hall Is Headed To MTV! Watch The YouTube Star's Greatest Hits

"Mean Gurlz" or "Weavegirls": Which do you prefer?

Clips that capture cute cats and post-oral surgery haze are great, but in the realm of web videos, there's something to be said for a well-written, expertly produced episode of "The Kartrashyans."

Todrick Hall, an actor, singer, director and choreographer, has amassed more than one million subscribers on his YouTube channel for attention-snatching hits like "Beauty and the Beat" and "Twerking in the Rain" (sneak a peek at either, and it'll be abundantly clear why his Internet star has risen). And since MTV proudly stands among his many fans, the network's catapulting his bright, lively productions onto the boob tube. YUP.

On "Todrick," the master of web magic will demonstrate how he and his loyal team make all those parodies you love, from start to finish. And if the "Fresh Prince of MTV" clip he released today is any indication, he can't wait to get started.

But before you get a glimpse into the master's mind, look back at nine of his best parodies below -- and stay tuned for more info on the show!

"Mean Gurlz"

And you thought The Plastics were bad...

"Hungry Games"

Because Katniss can't live on Peeta's grain alone.

"Beauty and the Beat"

Belle in the hood? We can get on board. (Also: Hey, Katie Stevens!)

"Twerking in the Rain"

FOH, Gene Kelly!

"The Wizard of Ahhhs"

The scarecrow, or hip-hop sensation Drake? You decide!


Who knew the fairy godmother (or is it fairy dragmother?) could get down!?


They've got big dreams and the synthetic pieces to match!

"Keeping Up With the Kartrashyans"

What if Kim, Kourtney and Khloe were homeless? Todrick's got answers!

Virgin America Safety Video

OK, this one's actually real, but it'll have you hoping for moderate to severe turbulence!