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A Brief History Of Lady Gaga Gluing Things To Her Face

Lady Gaga's loves gluing stuff to her face. While many of us fear accidentally interacting with other humans when there's stuff on our faces, Lady Gaga puts things there, like, intentionally. Last night, she posted a photo to her Instagram featuring some sparkly eyebrows. It wasn't like some glitter got up in there by accident—she deliberately glued rhinestones of various sizes to her brows.

Septum piercing? Check. Curly wig? Check. Very elaborate eyebrows? Double check.

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It wasn't the first time she's decorated her eyebrows—in 2011 she pulled off a similar look, though her jewels were, overall, bigger.

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Gaga has also shared the sparkly wealth (heh, get it??) with the rest of her face—during her performance at the 2010 Grammys, she surrounded her eyes (including her eyebrows!) with pink rhinestones.

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She's also changed up her materials—in 2011 she attended the amFAR Gala with pearls all over. They evens sprouted up on her body.

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In the same year, she wore some very elaborate face jewelry for V Magazine.

So, does the return of bedazzled eyebrows mean we can expect more face ~sparklez~ soon? We can hope, right? We're hoping–big time.

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