Johnny Depp's 'Into The Woods' Costume Raises 7 Important Questions

We've had our first look, now we have a few questions.

OK, so it's happening. It's finally happening. We've gotten our first glimpse at several of the becostumed and be-makeupped characters for the upcoming screen adaptation of "Into the Woods," via newly released Entertainment Weekly covers featuring the cast of the movie musical, and we have a few questions. They mainly have to do with a certain wolfy wolf named Johnny Depp.

First, take a look at the covers below.

OK, so now that we've marveled over how many pieces of fabric must have gone into the creation of Emily Blunt's patchwork frenzy Baker's Wife outfit and the architectural wonder of The Meryl's Witch costume, we have a few questions regarding Depp's Wolf.

1. Is that suit made out of wood-printed fabric? No shade, just wondering.

2. Did that mustache grow from his body? Would it ignite if a match was held closely enough to it?

3. Are those ears part of the hat? Can he hear out of them? Is he a four-eared creature?

4. We've spotted a stray wallet chain. Is the Wolf a super dapper gentleman, a skater or both? Where do the pockets rest on wolves?

5. Is he wearing two ties, or is that a festive lining?

6. Is there a special hat store for wolves, or did he have to cut holes himself after watching a Pinterest DIY?

7. Are those ankle boots really practical for treks in and out of the woods and the literal and metaphorical devouring of little girls and grandmothers?

Inquiring minds want to know.

"Into the Woods" hits theaters December 25.